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SEO is how you get found on the web but you don’t want your website to sound like it’s written for a robot. 


Oh, HELL no. 


The sitemap is a super-handy tool to guide you where you want to go on this site, but maybe I can answer some questions here? I’m Robyn Stubbs, founder of Doppio Copywriting Inc. I use best practices in UX and UI design and SEO, studies in persuasion, and proven conversion copwyriting frameworks and formulas to help you sell more on your website. 


A solid SEO strategy is a key element in your website content and so is a persuasion, voice-of-customer data and your own brand voice, style and tone. Combining all of those ingredients in the right way produces a highly appetizing visitor experience that results in more conversions … but there IS a secret sauce. 


Let’s find that balance of flavours to elevate your website’s presence on the web and turn more of your visitors into buyers. 



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These Questions Pop Up Quite Often:

Of course! Upwork and Fiverr are great places to find freelance copywriters who will pump out words to put on your pages. Those words will probably even sound great, but alas, they’ll be very hit-and-miss with your target audience. Ergo, less money, more risk. I believe in the opposite – spend a little more money, follow a proven process, get results with way less risk. Plus, work with a professional who has never missed a deadline in 17+ years in the news and copywriting biz. 


Sure, some will call those things bells and whistles. To me, they are professional standards.

Absolutely. I only accept jobs and timelines that I know I can deliver on. That said, there may be a 25% rush fee added to the service, depending on just how tight your timeline is. 


Let’s talk about it. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Great question. Three things: 

Experience – in a busy newsroom, as a daily reporter-turned-copy editor, and as a copywriter. Plus being a mom. I have seen it all, and I can handle it all.


Constant learning – from the best, aka, Joanna Wiebe and the trailblazing crew at CopyHackers. I’m a long-time CopySchool member to keep my skills sharp. 


Fancy pieces of paper – like a BA in English Literature from Simon Fraser University and a Certificate of Journal from Langara College. 

And a bonus thing: A national Dunlop Award for Investigative Journalism.

ROI in copywriting is both tangible and intangible. There are situations when you can see direct ROI through sales and analytics, depending on your KPI. And then there is indirect ROI that may not be as measurable dollar-for-dollar, like brand awareness and engagement. The kind of ROI depends on your campaign goals. Analytics will tell us everything we want to know, and give us direction as to what we need to optimize to increase your ROI.

This is smart thinking. Sometimes you don’t need to change a whole lot to make a whole lotta difference. Shoot me an email at robyn[at] and we can talk about a copy audit of your website. 


A copy audit means I’ll go through your site, looking into your customer journey experience, your pages, your key messages and other critical parts of your website like your intro paragraphs and CTAs. I’ll make recommendations and rewrite certain H1 and H2 headlines, and optimize your buttons and flow. Your deliverable is a branded book with all of the recommendations and rewritten copy.

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